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Get the family a Fluffy cow experience when visiting the Gatlinburg and Sevierville area.

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Spend time learning and grooming #FluffyCows – Scottish Highland Cattle experiences on our farm!

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Well if you have never spent time with Scottish highland cattle ( #FluffyCows ) this is your chance.  Families and children of all ages love coming to the farm and learning about Highland Cattle or ( Coos ).  This is very interaction based and educational at the same time.  Plus our little Highland cows love it when you visit as they get a treat with every visit!

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We are flexible on our booking times and folks love to learn about this great breed, Scottish Highland Cattle.  Not only will you interact live with the cows you will learn, feed them, and brush their thick coats.  Come see them year-round.   Our cows love the cold in the winter as it makes them think of home in the Highlands of Scotland.  In summertime, you will visit them in the cedar thicket in the shade.

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Fluffy Cows in the Field

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Hello Henrietta our Scottish Highland Cow

Scottish Highland Cow Profile

Meet Trixie

Meet Merlin our scottish Highland Bull

Scottish Highland Bull Profile

Meet Merlin

our one horned cow

Scottish Highland Cow Profile

Meet Little “One”

Blondie our Harry Cow

Scottish Highland Cow Profile

Meet Blondie