Smoky Mountain Virtual Wedding & Event Venue Farm Tour

In the Smoky Mountain foothills, brides have options on wedding locations and wedding venues.  Our Grand White Barn is perfect in colder weather with our large heating unit.  We are perfect for 75 to 150 folks with indoor facilities and outdoor locations around the farm.   We also currently house up to 20 folks on the Farm side of the farm and soon 48 additional folks across the road at Fairland Ridge Barndominiums.   We look forward to meeting you in person but for now, a video tour of our key buildings may be enough for you to book your wedding or event with us. Deposits are normally $500 to hold your date.  Shawn and Priscilla Wilmoth, farm owners look forward to hosting your event at their family farm soon.


Welcome to the Grand Hall at Cedar Pond Farms inside the Grand White Barn

In the Smoky Mountain foothills, brides have options on wedding locations and wedding venues.  Our Grand White Barn is perfect in colder weather with our large heating unit.  This hall can be configured in many different ways and this makes your day more special because there is no “cookie-cutter” wedding location on the farm. You can Do-It-Yourself or have one of our planners handle everything.  Let’s start with this video to learn about thin biggest indoor space on the farm… the Grand Hall.

Get aquatinted with the farm at the Barnyard at Cedar Pond Farms just outside the Grand White Barn

The centerpiece of activity at our farm is the barnyard. Walk the barnyard right outside the Grand White Barn with farm owner Shawn Wilmoth and learn more about the farm.

The perfect overnight or after-party location #Milkbarn – Main level

When you come to the farm for an event the fun way to experience farm life is with an overnight stay at the Milkbarn for you and up to 20 total guests.  Learn more about how the main level has a perfect layout for dancing, parties, or just hanging out.  This makes your special day more special the night before and the night of weddings or private events.

The perfect overnight or after-party location #Milkbarn – Top level

Overnights are a big part of the Milkbarn.  It is also a great place to serve as a large “ready room” on the day of your event.  Learn more about what we offer in the top level of the Milkbarn in this short video.


Finally the guys get a great place to hang out the day of the wedding  – #Milkhouse

Not only is this a great day of location for hanging out but this is a great spot to eat, sleep and get competitive.   Whether it is corn hole, Foose ball, or ping-pong you have plenty to do with your friends at this building.

See the Grand Veranda and the North Side of the farm.

Nice options on the north side of the farm just outside the Grand Veranda at the Grand White Barn.  These are some excellent locations for ceremonies.  Learn more from farm owner Shawn Wilmoth about this area in this quick video.

See how we make your vendors happy like your caterers!

Happy vendors make a great wedding or event.  We worked hard designing the Grand White Barn to make service easy and unnoticed by your guests.  Learn more about the space from Shawn Wilmoth as he tours this space.


Powder rooms are important – See why ours are fantastic

Safety and personal care are very important elements of our family and we make no exception at our Grand White Barn.  We have large handicapped restrooms with a baby changing station as well as an extra handwashing sink outside the powder rooms.  We don’t want lines at the bathrooms for your special event and we don’t want washing hands to tie up the bathrooms.  We also put a full-length mirror to check your look before you go back out into the main hall.  Learn more with this short video from Shawn Wilmoth, one of the farm owners.

Visit the Red Room and Blue Room.

We want to give you some private extra lockable rooms for changing clothes or getting ready in peace.  These rooms have been also used a kid’s corral, a nursing station, or just a quiet spot to get a breather on a busy day.  The hand-sink, small fridge, and changing area make it great to get ready in style.  The flat-screen LED TV and individual air conditioner units make it comfortable and entertaining.  Learn more with a quick tour with Shawn Wilmoth farm owner.

Pay-it-forward is the best! See how this beautiful ready room is a fun place to start your special day with special decor and lighting.

Shawn and Priscilla recently set out to improve and expand the ready room at the Grand White Barn and boy, did they!  This room has been known over the years as the pay-it-forward closet because brides and other event hosts have left items behind like cupcake towers, red LED lighted decor table lanterns, 5 selfie light rings, wine glasses, and more.  Now half the large room is truly a fantastic and special ready room for brides and hosts for up to 6 makeup chairs and a lounging area complete with LED lighting, an ivy wall, and a rose wall.   Learn more now with this quick video.

Free is good.  And this time it is a really good thing #Fishhouse on the pond!

If you rent a full-day rental you also have an overnight option included and this is our “crash pad” after the big day.  Enjoy a fun little cabin on the pond for your night before you take off to your honeymoon or your next destination.  This unit sleeps up to 3 folks but also can be combined with the Milkbarn and Milkhouse for up to 20 guests on the farm for an additional fee.  Learn more with this quick little video.

Parking is not an issue here.  We have the little meadow just for you.

If you are concerned about parking is not a problem at our family farm.  While you can park anywhere this meadow is most popular just down from papaw’s porch.   Learn more about the most popular parking area with this video from Shawn Wilmoth one of the farm owners.

Sandy beach, check, water-side outdoor wedding venue, check, cute pavilillion check, and island for ceremony check.  Outdoor spots to get married is 18 that we know of but you could make a new one!

Folks love the variety of spaces to get married here on the farm.  You will be able to see several of them is this pond-side tour with Shawn Wilmoth farm owner.

The approach to the south side of the farm’s outdoor venue spots is very important.  Learn more here.

Folks love our Pavillion and our rose house for the approach to the main stage.  Learn more in this little video with Shawn Wilmoth one of the farm owners.

Our main stage and 2-acre pond are very popular for weddings

Learn why folks love our large water feature and how it can be used to make your day more special.

Big oak tree weddings are very popular with our lighted crystal chandelier.

Check out our video on Youtube of a 300-guest wedding that was on the farm.  It will give you one example of the 18 locations folks have used on the farm for their outdoor farm wedding site.  Learn more with this video.

Farms aren’t complete without feathered friends and barn reception/rehearsal dinner areas… introducing the chicken barn.

Chickens are kept in “chicken jail” for most events but you can let the chickens out for an interactive dinner at the chicken barn or get married at the white stage at the chicken barn.  Learn more about this farm wedding venue spot.

The guys are not left out of our planning and neither is corporate training locations.  Introducing the Milkhouse

In the 1950’s Cedar Pond Farms was known for being a dairy operation inside our milkhouse.  Learn how this converted building can be used from an upgraded guys-ready room or event space for business meetings.

Caterers alley at the Milkbarn – Milkhouse

Keeping vendors happy is our goal.  Having great areas for them to work really makes your event run smoothly.  Learn more from Shawn Wilmoth the farm owner in this video.

The future of overnight accommodations coming in 2023 – the barndominums at Fairland Ridge.

We plan to house as many as 70 folks on the farm soon with our new overnight accommodations called the barndominiums.  Learn more about our plans with this quick video from Shawn Wilmoth one of the farm owners at Cedar Pond Farms.

The future is now with our nearby (1 mile away) awesome European Apartments –

You can enjoy overnight guests for up to 11 folks at our two one-bedroom apartments.  Learn more about these great spaces and book them today for your guests.  Visit

Apartment A Tour

Apartment B Tour


Thanks for watching our series of videos on the farm!

Shawn and Priscilla Wilmoth.