Spring is in the Air


Spring is in the air. As blossoms on the trees come alive, so does love. This is the time to find a perfect outside spring wedding venue, and to plan the theme for a wedding that will create memories for years to come. With the warming weather there is a desire to capture the feel of the spring air by planning a wedding at an outside venue. The advantages of an outside wedding venue are countless but a few are more desirable than the others.

A special moment captured of a newly married couple, during their outside spring wedding.

Advantages of an Outdoor Wedding Venue

One of the best advantages of having an outside wedding, has to be the memories.  And, so much different than having a wedding in a church where stiff formality often takes away from the enjoyment of the day.  An outdoor wedding venue provides your guests with more space to move around.  And, this will add to the enjoyment  your guests can have meeting new friends and also new family.

Also, with an outdoor wedding event there is more opportunity for the bride to share and express her creativity.    Planning an event that is in an outdoor setting gives the planners more options and theme ideas to make the day the most memorable.

Often, hosting an outdoor event is less expensive because the whole venue is all in one place.

The most important advantage to an outdoor venue is that the guest are not just enjoying a matrimonial event.  But, what they are really taking part in is a matrimonial experience.  One that will be thought of with fond and loving memories.

Indoor wedding venues may hold several different receptions each day. Thus, you may be restricted to just a couple of hours for your wedding reception. You might not even be able to find a reception venue that isn’t already booked on your desired wedding date. However, a large outdoor venue has room for multiple receptions, meaning you can spend as much time there as you need to. Your wedding day will feel less stressed and more special.

Location is Key

In having an outdoor wedding the main thing to look for is desired and pleasant location.  You want your guests to be able to take it the atmosphere and enjoy the surroundings.  And, having your guests feel like they are not just in attendance, but are actually part of the celebration.  Events where guests can take part by dressing consistent with a chosen theme can create feeling of inclusion.  Having an outdoor wedding venue that is near mountains, lakes or similar natural settings is a plus.

Grand White Barn Rainy Day

Cedar Pond Farms

If an outdoor or an open air themed wedding is in your plans, please consider Cedar Pond Farms.  Not only do we have a large wedding barn that can be used for the nuptials as well as the reception area, there are also several other out buildings that can be incorporated into your event.  Also, on the 30 acre property one can find outdoor areas that can be utilized into any outdoor themed events.  And, perfect for photo ops.

Cedar pond Farms is conveniently located near Knoxville, Morristown, Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

For more information please call or text Shawn Wilmoth at 865.300.5397, or you can visit the contact page at Cedar Pond Farms website.   You can also email with any questions at owners@CedarPondFarms.com