Clean fescue hay bales – no sage


Cedar Pond farms

Square Bale Hay

Some use these for weddings as seating or at wedding receptions but our cows are happy cows eating our square bale quality fescue hay. Your animals would be happy with our hay as well.  We take great care with our fields in fertilize to prevent sage and thicket elimination to prevent unusable bales.


Bales can be picked up on the farm.  They are kept in good dry storage on pallets to eliminate rotting bales.  Please contact us for pickup times.  Times are flexible on evenings and weekends.. Payment can be cash, Apple Pay or credit card via Paypal.


Our family farm is 31.5 acres. Our agricultural products are Black Angus Beef cattle, chickens for egg production and fresh square bale hay for sale.   We also occasionally rent our Grand White Barn for event and wedding rentals.   Please check out our farm education program available on our experiences links. 

generations of farming land in Jefferson County 

Our family farm history runs deep in history of dairy operations, slaughter house operations and a long standing hay and cattle operations. 

Annual Hay Bale production

Chickens that have come and gone

Sustainable Beef cattle production on farm

Cups Of Coffee to run the farm needed annually

meet the ladies

Here are some of the girls that make the dough (we use our fresh eggs in the commercial production of our waffle cones and chips at our Gelato Brothers concept).  Kids of all ages love to visit the chickens.  We will show you how we raise our hens and care for eggs on your visit.  Some folks love to see the chickens during weddings or wedding receptions.  You will find no roosters here so the ladies are not aggressive toward folks.  They are always looking for a little hand out of bread!


From Our Clients

Get your family farm educated or even a small group of students a bit more learned on farm ways.  Come book an experience on the farm. 

Great experience with Shawn on his farm. We received upclose, hands on experience with his chickens and their egg laying process. Wife and I both enjoyed immensely. Thank You! We are enjoying a delicious Gelato now..”


Chicken Experience Customer

“Our family of 6 visited Shawn’s farm as part of a 50th anniversary week with my in-laws. We had a great time learning about caring for chickens and being involved in some of the process. The location was beautiful and clean (I thought it would be kind of smelly tbh but it wasn’t!). We got to catch and hold the chickens, gather eggs and then take a fresh batch home with us. They were delicious! For a group of city slickers, this was a special experience.”


Mom in charge of Experiences

“A great visit to a cute but functional farm! Fun hands-on experiences handling chickens and collecting and washing eggs with an enthusiastic host who clearly loves what he’s doing. We went as adults and had a great time, but it would also be a fun experience for kids starting at around kindergarten age.”


Chicken Fan, Farm Visitor

“An amazing experience that was great for the whole family.”

Black Angus fan, Farm Visitor

“If you have ever thought about raising chickens for fresh eggs and don’t know where to start, the information Shawn will give you at his Chicken Petting Farm & Egg Wash Tour will get you on your way. The information provided is interesting and time tested. He’ll tell you what he has tried and what he uses now. His explanations are simple and easy to understand. On our tour we learned about purchasing chickens, feeding, housing, protecting, cleaning the hen house, collecting eggs and then washing them before heading home with some It was just what we were looking for, information with a lot of laughing as well, in an experience that was about an hour long. The area is beautiful and the farm story is interesting and the chickens are loved and happy! This AirBnb experience is hands on and fun for all ages and after our experience, we feel we could raise chickens ourselves! Book this experience and give yourself and your kids a unique experience! Something you’ll remember and will talk about for sure!


Future Chicken Rancher

“This experience was well worth it! If you’re in the area you should definitely do this! My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it! We had questions and he answered them and gave advice on every detail of how to manage the chickens as well as eggs. Shawn was super nice, friendly, and very knowledgeable about it all. We want to have chickens down the road and he catered the whole experience to us to help us know what we need to know! Great host and great experience!”

Chicken Fan, Farm Visitor