Tennessee Tiny Weddings

Weddings look a bit different these days than they used to. Modern-day couples are not so focused on the glitz and glam but instead on celebrating their love with those who mean the most to them. A smaller wedding allows you to keep your focus on how you and your partner can make this a truly special day. While every wedding is unique in its own way, a tiny wedding is an intimate celebration that will truly be with you for the rest of your days.

At Cedar Pond Farms, we offer elegant and memorable Tennessee tiny weddings. Our Tiny Wedding venue packages are available at both our indoor and outdoor locations. Tiny Wedding packages are available for parties of 50 people or less at a weekday rate of just $4,000. If you’d like to keep the celebrations going for another day, you can add an overnight stay for you and your guests for an additional fee.

Where Can I Have My Tennessee Tiny Wedding?

When you choose Cedar Pond Farms as your wedding venue, you have access to a variety of stunning spaces. Our property includes the Grand White Wedding Barn, Milkhouse, and Milkbarn. Nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, the Grand White Wedding Barn is an indoor venue that is perfect for both the ceremony and reception. While this space can be a bit big for Tennessee tiny weddings, we also have the Milkbarn and Milk House for couples who prefer an intimate space to match the feel of their event.

The Milkbarn, in particular, is the perfect venue for couples who are planning on getting married in Sevierville, TN, Knoxville, TN, or a nearby location. As one of the loveliest spaces in the area, the restored Milkbarn is well-suited for both ceremonies and receptions.  You can take advantage of the mix of outdoor and indoor areas of this intimate venue that will fit your party just right.

One of the Most Popular Sevierville, TN Wedding Packages

Wedding planning is stressful, but premium wedding packages can make it a little bit easier. At Cedar Pond Farms, we have years of experience helping couples make their marital dreams come true. Allow us to ease your wedding planning stress by taking advantage of our venues’ stunning views and additional rental options. We’ll help make your ceremony and/or reception look perfect with the right chairs, tables, and decoration options.

Our Tiny Wedding package is one of the most popular Sevierville, TN wedding packages. Couples from all around the Knoxville area are opting to host smaller weddings that can focus more closely on their love and the happiness of close family and friends. The Cedar Pond Farms Tiny Wedding package is for parties of 50 people or less. You can choose any of our indoor or outdoor locations for your intimate celebration. We especially recommend the Milkbarn, which is built for smaller parties yet offers all of the modern amenities of a grand wedding venue.

Contact Cedar Pond Farms Today

Are you interested in getting married in Sevierville, TN, or a nearby town? Come to Cedar Pond Farms in New Market, TN! As one of the most scenic parts of the Knoxville area, New Market offers stunning backdrops for your special day and our farm, in particular, will give you a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere for your wedding day. Make your vision of a small, intimate wedding come true by booking a Tiny Wedding package at Cedar Pond Farms.

Contact our team today to nail down the perfect venue for your wedding. If you’re interested in our Tiny Wedding package or any of our other Sevierville, TN wedding packages, you’re more than welcome to come to our farm for a private tour. Call us today at (865) 630-0107 or fill out our online form to get in touch.