Learning about cows.

Farm Experiences & School Field Trips

 Welcome to our family farm.  We love to share details about daily farm life with all who visit our farm for events, overnight rentals and special visits for private farm educational experiences.  As you will see below, many families and children of all ages have enjoyed a visit to the chickens or cows.  Here you will learn about the details of animal husbandry and how the products raised here on the farm are used commercially.  Many folks have been to our family farm to have a farm experience.  Maybe it is your turn is now.   We look so forward to seeing you down on the farm.

If you are a local school and would like to schedule a farm visit.  Please reach out to us for more information.  We have tour packages from $9/child and can include a GelatoBrothers snack on the visit for $5 more.  The trip is about education on topics such as Scottish Highlander cattle husbandry, sustainable hay operations, chicken and egg production.  Elementary and Middle School children all love a visit to Cedar Pond Farms for a school field trip.  Bus parking and road access are easy and large groups are welcome.  Our Grand White Barn is a heated space that fits up to 250 persons.

Learning about cows.
School Field Trip - Chicken training 101
Learning about Chickens at the Grand White Barn