Valentine’s Day Farm Wedding

Annually, on February 14, we are surrounded by those we love, fresh flowers, hearts, chocolates, and notes of adoration. Why not include all of it in a wedding to celebrate? Since Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love, we can’t think of a more romantic way to celebrate than by getting married. Concerned that it would sound corny rather than romantic? Rethink that! We’re here to demonstrate that a Valentine’s Day wedding can be classy.

For inspiration for your big day, continue reading for 10 Valentine’s Day wedding ideas.

1. Wear A Pink Wedding Dress

Think of ditching the customary white wedding dress in favor of a pink dress; if you want more of a romantic style add lace, flower embellishments, or other romantic details.

2. Heart Shaped Accessories

A heart-shaped piece of jewelry is essential for a Valentine’s Day event. Wear earrings or a charm bracelet with heart-shaped diamonds if you feel like wearing something less flashy. Another metallic or bright accessory would be great for the rehearsal dinner or reception.

3. Valentine’s Day Invitations

The ideal method to create the right atmosphere for any party is with a well-designed invitation. Add a romantic touch to your Valentine’s Day theme with things like a crimson border, elegant calligraphy, or a unique heart-shaped image, or elegant calligraphy.

4. Flower Girl Dresses/Accessories

In order to make sure that your little ones can dress like their favorite princess along with you on your big day, consider dressing them in a style that feels fitting for such a big occasion. Have the flower girls wear dresses with lace, soft pink hues, or flower embellishments.

5. Romantic Decorations

Design the perfect Valentine’s Day wedding by incorporating hearts, shades of pink and red, lace, and flowers. Use these Valentine’s Day classics in your wedding decor and throughout the day to add unique touches. Consider having a floral-decorated truck bed that can serve as both a picture booth for the reception and a statement entry piece for the ceremony.

6. Bridal Party Wears Red

Dressing your girls in red or pink bridesmaid gowns can help them embrace the motif as well. Even dresses with heart prints are available. Allowing them to accessorize independently will prevent you from seeming overly coordinated.

7. Guest Book

The guest book is a great keepsake that will remind you of your wedding day for years to come. You can give this idea a romantic twist by asking guests to sign wooden hearts and storing them in a keepsake box.

8. Valentine’s Day Wedding Cake

An excellent bakery will have plenty of romantic cake options for you, both simple and extravagant. Make your wedding cake more festive by cutting tiny red hearts out of fondant. Add a cake topper of your choice to take it to the next level.

9. Heart Designed Desserts

Valentine’s Day may be included into your dessert bar by including delicious, love-themed delicacies all around your setup. Serve pink chocolate pretzels or heart-shaped, sparkly pink cookies. Additionally, they make for a wonderful favor that your visitors may take home as the evening draws to a close.

10. Decorate with Roses

A classic atmosphere and a profusion of flowers really scream romance. Roses are available in any color that matches your palette or you can stick with red for a classic look. Try having an all rose bouquet for that extra pop of romance.

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