The Ultimate Guide to Having a Wedding at the Pond

by | Sep 4, 2023 | Barn Weddings, Blog, Knoxville Summer Wedding Venues, Knoxville Winter Wedding Venues, Wedding

For some couples, having a wedding in a traditional venue just doesn’t cut it. If you are a nature lover and a fan of rustic charm, hosting your wedding at a pond might be a great idea. There’s something magical and calming about being surrounded by water and nature. A wedding at the pond will create an incredible atmosphere that will stay with you and your guests for years to come. In this article, we will explore why having a wedding at a pond is a perfect choice and will also focus on Cedar Pond Farms as a picture-perfect venue in New Market, TN.

Why have a wedding at a pond?

Firstly, getting married at a pond offers a unique atmosphere where guests will get to enjoy the natural setting. Imagine exchanging vows while surrounded by crystal clear water, freshwater fish, lush foliage, and the soothing sound of water rippling. The peaceful environment that a pond offers ensures that your wedding remains serene and calm- ideal for a relaxing and stress-free event.

Secondly, the scenic backdrop of a pond is simply breathtaking. Pond weddings offer great scenery that, when captured perfectly, can be the most beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos. You’ll be guaranteed to have your dream wedding album with the mesmerizing charm of the pond.

Cedar Pond Farms – New Market, TN

Cedar Pond Farms is an excellent venue for a wedding at a pond. The venue is located in New Market, TN, and offers a spacious, rustic yet, elegant barn nestled in the rolling hills and pretty ponds of the farm. Cedar Pond Farms is an ideal wedding venue, mainly if you’re looking for an open-air wedding where the pond view serves as a great backdrop.

The venue offers ample space to set up various booths, including a bar, catering, and dance floor. Of course, the pond view is the real show-stopper, with a beautiful ceremony site looking out over the freshwater pond and rolling hills in the background.

The Perfect Preparations

Organizing a wedding by the pond and at Cedar Pond Farms, in particular, is a fun and enjoyable process. The venue takes pride in making weddings so memorable and goes above and beyond to ensure you have a stress-free ceremony. The site is all-inclusive, so you don’t have to worry about arranging for anything or coordinating other vendors. The venue provides everything, such as tables, chairs, linens, silverware, catering, and bar services, everything needed for the perfect wedding day.

Hosting a wedding at the pond might be a perfect option for your special day if you’re a couple that loves unique outdoor settings. The natural environment, with a sense of calmness and scenic background, will undoubtedly create a memorable atmosphere. Cedar Pond Farms, nestled in the rolling hills of New Market, TN, is an excellent venue to make your dreams come true, surrounded by beautiful fresh water, stunning trees and foliage, and wildlife visiting from the nearby Great Smokey Mountains. Everything you need to make your wedding a success comes inclusive on the Cedar Pond Farm a farm that radiates in nature’s beauty. Plan for that serene, romantic wedding that you and your guests will always treasure.

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