The Pros and Cons of a Summer Farm Wedding

by | Mar 30, 2023 | Barn Weddings, Blog, Knoxville Summer Wedding Venues, Knoxville Winter Wedding Venues, Wedding

Picture this: You’re standing in front of your closest friends and family, the sun is setting over a picturesque farm, and you’re saying “I do.” For many couples, the idea of having a summer farm wedding is an idyllic dream come true. But before you set your heart on having your big day on a farm, let’s break down the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

The Pros of Having a Summer Farm Wedding

One of the biggest benefits of having a summer farm wedding is that it creates beautiful backgrounds for photos. The lush green fields provide endless opportunities for stunning photos that you can look back on for years to come. Many farms have rustic barns or other buildings that offer additional settings for photos. This means more photo opportunities for your guests to create memories with you!

 If you are looking to plan an intimate wedding, then a summer farm wedding may be perfect for you. Farms typically provide plenty of room during the ceremony and reception. Still making the most out of the stunning outdoor scenery, with both. Plus, farms often have multiple outdoor spaces which allows for different activities throughout the night.

The Cons of Having a Summer Farm Wedding

When planning any outdoor event, there will always be risks involved when it comes to Mother Nature. From rainy days to extreme heat, there is always the potential for something unexpected to happen and ruin your day. To minimize these risks as much as possible it’s essential to have backup plans in place. Consider hiring vendors who specialize in outdoor weddings so they are experienced in dealing with changing conditions.

Furthermore, farms tend to be more remote than traditional venues which could potentially lead to travel complications for some guests. There may also be issues with noise ordinances if music is being played after certain hours.

Summer farm weddings can truly be magical events filled with lots of love surrounded by natural beauty. There are always pros and cons that need to be taken into consideration before committing fully! We recommend doing research ahead of time so that on the day of everything goes smoothly without any hiccups along the way! With some careful planning and consideration, we know your summer farm wedding will turn out beautifully! If you would like more information about Cedar Pond Farms on pricing or want to schedule a tour please fill out our inquiry form. You can find the inquiry form here