Everyone wants a farm destination wedding venue that accommodates their needs on their special day! Cedar Pond Farms prides itself in being a versatile venue that has several rooms/buildings that fulfill those needs. Being a destination wedding venue, Cedar Pond Farms wants to give clients a closer look at what is provided. In starting this blog series, we will go into all the details of the different spaces available for you and your guests!

Revealing the Ready Rooms Part 2

Farm Bridal Ready Room

Firstly, the dreamy Bridal Ready Room is located in the lower area of the barn. The room is climate controlled and equipped with special lighting. The room features an ivy/flower wall, perfect for pictures. A seating area is stationed in front of the floral wall, providing a relaxed feel. Also, the room has WiFi access with a flat-screen tv and an iPad to play music. Additionally, there are six beautiful vanity/makeup stations. Not only do the makeup stations have under-the-cabinet lighting, but they also have all-around lighting. Along with the vanity area, is a full-length mirror and spaces to hang up dresses.

Pay It Forward Closet

Take a peek behind the curtain of the bridal room and find the Pay It Forward Closet. The pay-it-forward area is where there are additional supply and decor items. Items that the venue or previous brides have left for others to use. A lot of past clients no longer have any use for the decor, generally, they like to “pay it forward.” An additional makeup station is also provided in the pay-it-forward area.

That wraps up the walk-through of the farms’ ready rooms. Hopefully, envisioning the beautiful ready rooms will make the decision a bit easier on choosing Cedar Pond Farms!

Cedar Pond Farms is conveniently located near Knoxville, Morristown, Gatlinburg, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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