Many people are faced with the decision of whether to have an indoor or outdoor wedding. With so many options, it can be difficult for couples to choose which is best for them. But there are a few things that you should know before making your final decision.

The following will highlight some of the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor wedding venues, so that you can determine which is right for you.

Pros of Having an Indoor Wedding

  • Consistency: A great benefit of having an indoor wedding is the lack of weather concerns. No more worrying about rain or wind ruining your special day. This allows for couples to really enjoy their weddings without being consumed by inclement weather.
  • Structure and Organization: Many indoor wedding venues have a lot of structure and organization. This makes it easier for you to organize the flow of your wedding so that it is exactly how you’ve always dreamed it would be.

Cons of Having an Indoor Wedding

  • Tables and Seating: The biggest drawback of having an indoor wedding is the lack of flexibility with tables and seating. All too often, couples find themselves crammed into a ballroom or banquet hall that’s far too small to accommodate everyone. This may mean that you’ll need to limit the number of guests invited to your wedding, which can be heartbreaking for many soon-to-be brides.
  • Less Natural Surroundings: If you’re a nature lover, it can be disappointing to give up the idea of saying your vows in the great outdoors. Outdoors weddings can provide serenity and natural beauty that’s harder to replicate inside.

Pros of an Outdoor Wedding

  • Flexibility: When you choose an outdoor wedding site, there are usually fewer restrictions and limitations than with indoor venues. This gives you far more flexibility when planning your special day.
  • Space: On average, outdoor weddings are much larger than their indoor counterparts. This allows for more open space that can enhance the size and grandeur of your wedding.
  • Atmosphere: It’s pretty difficult to beat the natural beauty and charm that an outdoor wedding venue such as a park, garden, or beach offers. The spectacular scenery has a way of captivating guests and creating a truly magical atmosphere you won’t find with any other type of wedding location.

Cons of an Outdoor Wedding

  • Weather Concerns: Although an outdoor wedding is great in terms of flexibility and space, there is an ever-present concern about what the weather will be like that day. Rain, snow, or extreme heat can disrupt your special day. If you’re prone to anxiety and don’t want to fixate on the forecast, this might not be the right choice for you.
  • Lighting: During certain times of the day, sun glare or shadows can be a big concern. On a day that’s bound to be filled with photographic evidence, many couples find that an indoor wedding provides lighting conditions that are easier to control.

According to one study, outdoor or partially outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular, representing 68% of weddings that took place in 2020. Not only are outdoor weddings considered a healthier and safer option, but they can provide many of the benefits listed above. Call us today to learn more about how to make your wedding dreams a reality!