Traditional Approach to Picking Home Plans

For years when it came time to build a new home the first order of business is to pick out a floor plan. Building plans range from the box like conventional rancher style house sitting on a flat lot to large mansions built on the side of a cliff. Traditionally, you work with a general residential contractor on pricing and timelines and you are in business.  But, times are changing. There has been a shift in how we as a society approach building our new dream home. For those with efficiency and budget in mind they have found stepping away from the traditional approach could save big bucks.  So, builders and plan providers have shifted to meet those needs.  One of the options is the barndominium.  This option is how breaking from traditional builds to barndominiums can save you on construction costs

The Barndominium

Commercial construction square foot costs have often stayed well below residential construction square foot prices.  So, the barndominium adopts several of these building techniques. The first money saving feature is the design costs. Barndominiums are much simpler, often with fewer corners than custom built houses. If you ever built a home you realize those corners are costly. So, using the geometry you learned in high school you can quickly calculate that each additional corner in a home not only adds costly lineal feet but it also takes away valuable living square feet.  Thus, the square, having the most area using the least amount of perimeter (lineal feet) is the best base.

Barndominium Structure

Barndominiums more often than not are not a perfect square but they come close. Another barndominium attribute is they are often built on a slab.  And, this is another good way to cut costs if your site allows for such a build. Also, some barndominiums are actually steel buildings.  But, unlike your local retail dollar store, the exterior finishes will add the home feel.  Often, these type of buildings comes in predetermined sized kits. Once the concrete is poured, within just a few days you can have the building erected.  Including, roof and skin.  Other barndominiums start out as what is known as a pole barn. Pole barns also go up quick.  And are a less expensive way to get a structure to dry in stage in a short amount of time.

Barndominiums at Cedar Pond Farms

Cedar Pond Farms has taken a unique and creative ways to separate from the traditional paths other builders take. So, when we rent out our facilities we want our visitors to feel welcomed and comfortable.  But, we also want them to remember their time with us as an experience.  So, they look forward to coming back to time and time again.  Please visit for more information and how we might be able to share our little piece of paradise with you for your next event.