This article will help serve as a guide toward your perfect wedding setting should you still be deciding on a venue for your upcoming nuptials.


One. The Scenery

As the sun rises and the dew starts to glisten welcoming a new day, creatures great and small start moving about.  There is a smell of freshness in the air. Fields, with an occasional daisy dancing to a slight breeze are speckled with cows grazing.  Over at the fenceline there is a cluster of trees that were sparred when the fields were formed.  The morning sunshine gleams through the branches as the sun rises to take its place in the sky.  A warm cup is coddled in your hands. The fresh coffee cools so you can take that first sip while you sit on the porch.  Before your eyes a new farm day unfolds.

It really does not matter the season. The farm life beckons its habitants to join in to witness the beauty of every new day.  Furthermore, the natural scenery a country farm provides is unmatched.  And, it serves as a perfect backdrop for any event but so much more as a wedding venue.   No matter where you turn, there is photogenic moment ready to be captured.  In any direct you face you either see barns, farm animals or rolling acres of green.

If an open setting with gorgeous views no matter where you turn is an option for your next wedding, the farm setting is the ideal location.  And, there is plenty of room for family and friends to mingle about. Outbuildings, farm animals and open fields give guests plenty to take in as they wait for the ceremony to begin.  Imagine a setting where no matter the location, every picture will be worth placing on a canvas.

Two. The Barn

Interestingly enough, there has been a constant decline over the years of weddings being held in church settings.  From 2009 to 2017 the percentage of church weddings dropped from 41% to 22%.   So, there was a time when the church building was the most suitable for gathering together large groups.  The local county farmer was probably somewhat annoyed back a few years ago when creative couples looked for scenic opportunities to hold their wedding.  Most all working country farms had a large barn that kept the gathered loved ones out the sun or inclement uninvited weather.

Times have changed.  And, now several country farms are more than happy to host and cater to wedding ceremonies.  And, an old barn is often the center of the festivities.  Not only is it grand in stature but its also great for gathering and the perfect back drop for photos.  And, having a wedding in a barn says to your guests we are not stuffy.  It says to your guests that you want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time at their special event.   Regardless of how formal the wedding dress and groom’s tux may be during the ceremony, the barn as the stage promotes a comforting atmosphere.

Three. The Memories

There are only a few reasons to have a grand event such as a wedding.  After all, the local courthouse is still an option.  The reasons all stem from one desire.  The motivation behind gathering loved ones together for your special day is to build memories that will be cherished long after the finger receives the ring.  The best way to create these memories is to provide guests with a unique experience.  The country farm with its laid back atmosphere lends to providing all the visitors with comfort and an endless supply of farm life experiences.

On a farm there is plenty to see, from interesting outbuildings to the roaming livestock.  So, every where you look is a new visual experience that gets tucked away as a fond memory in every visitors mind. A special day should be remembered.  Having the opportunity to use a country farm as a wedding venue has not always been a viable option.  But, today the farm wedding is the perfect way to create experiences you and your guests will reminisce about for years to come.

Our Farm

Before Cedar Pond Farm was a wedding venue destination it was a family farm.  And, within it’s fences were plenty of farm animals, lots of farm life activities, and in the middle of it all, the pond.  So, it only reasons that all of its beauty and tranquillity had to be shared.  It would be selfish not to allow others a chance experience the enjoyment found within the farm life.  At Cedar Pond Farms, not only were considerations taken into account for future visitors but customizations were made to enhance the experience.

Our main wedding barn was built with high ceilings, open space and other amenities within its walls that create the perfect setting for any ceremony.  And, other outbuildings about the farm can enhance the event and allow guests to spread out.     Also, the farm property and about the natural pond has sitting areas and trellises built to provide several options for photos or just hanging out.

bride and groom at a knoxville farm wedding location

bride and groom at a knoxville farm wedding location

White wedding barn Knoxville Tn

White wedding barn Knoxville Tn

If a country farm venue is what you have in mind for your upcoming wedding please allow Cedar Pond Farms the opportunity to serve your needs.

Our Location

Located at 1369 Collins Rd, New Market, TN 37820.  Conveniently near Knoxville, Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains.  Easy access to both I-40 and I-81.