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enchantment awaits

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A girls imagination of the perfect wedding day starts long before any romance develops with the future partner of her dreams. It often starts with a young girl playing make believe in her room where dolls ceremoniously engage in a matrimonial commitment where forever is never too long. Teddy bears and the other stuffed playmates all in cheerful attendance. It is a grand event, indeed.  The location is the backdrop for this dream.  Enchantment Awaits at this Knoxville Wedding Venue.

In her mind, the doll, dressed in her very best gown of course will one day be her. The spouse is of little consequence at this point.  Well, other than being the man of her dreams or a handsome prince. This girl has been planning this event her whole life. So, their is an expectation of a glorious day where she will be the formally dressed bride marrying her forever soulmate. This day has been in the planning stage long before prince charming was on the scene. Enchantment awaits.


The Venue

How can any wedding venue live up to such expectations? Well, first the venue planners or organizers need to have an appreciation for how special of a day this will be for the bride.  And, cannot forget the groom and all those in attendance. They need to understand it is their job to live up to a vision of this matrimonial event that a little girl planned out long ago in her mind. This is her day.

Cedar Pond Farms

Cedar Pond Farms understand how special this day is and have taken this into account in all that we do. So, guests deserve the best and will have a traditional but unique experience.  Imagine a custom built wedding barn with all the  amenities you would expect to find on a farm. It is the job of Cedar Pond Farm’s owners and staff  to turn this day into a day that will be fondly remembered.  And, not just by the bride and groom but by all those in attendance as well. Expect a delightful day for family and friends. Afterall, enchantment awaits at this knoxville wedding venue we call Cedar Pond Farms. Enchantment Awaits  at this Knoxville Wedding Venue

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Wedding barn

Wedding barn at cedar pond farm