A Corporate Event in the Country

The fast pace of the corporate world can cause its inhabitants to lose focus of the real priorities in life.  And, thoughtful company leaders realize this and will provide its team with a well deserved break from the office life. There is nothing more relaxing that a day in the country.  You can always find something to do on a farm even that something is doing nothing.   So, if a break from the corporate world is what you are looking for find a country farm for your next corporate event.  Included in this blog will be the reason for a country setting for your next corporate event.   But, also why Cedar Pond Farms is the best choice for your upcoming event.

1.  Location

A location that is convenient for everyone involved is most important.  So, it is helpful to be close to large cities, major highways and convenient services.  There are plenty of venues that require traveling to remote areas.  But, the guests end up spending valuable relax time behind the windshield instead of under a shade tree.  Although, sometimes being as far away from work is probably preferred.

Cedar Pond Farms

Cedar Pond Farms is conveniently located in jefferson County.  And, within a 30 minute drive of Knoxville and Sevierville.  Also, two major interstate systems merge in Jefferson County. Conveniently, Interstate 40 and 81 are within 10 miles of the farm.  Also, the farm is nestled in the foot hills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Two lakes are in Jefferson County.   Cherokee Lake is a few miles away.  And, Douglas lake is ten miles away.

2. Natural Amenities

A farm has several natural amenities.  Especially, if the farm is an operational. Operational farms have animals, green grass and interesting structures.  The country itself will provide fresh air and feeling of freedom than that of the normal hussel and bussel.  Barns and other outbuilding always provide interesting explorations.   Exploring is one way to help one forget about the paperwork piled on the desk back up at the office.

Cedar Pond Farms   

Cedar Pond Farms is an operational farm.  So, it has livestock, chickens and all the other natural amenities you would expect to find on a farm.  And, there are several outbuildings with interesting back stories for use by its guests.  Also, a large stocked pond lies in the middle of the farm. So, if you want to grab a pole and just fish you will have that option.

3. A Relaxed Shared Experience

Corporate events often take place in convention centers or hotels.  But, that does not provide its participants a break from a stuffy indoor arena.  A farm out in the country assures your deserving team will have a relaxing and memorable experience.  And, instead of acres of carpet they will get to enjoy acres of fresh green grass. And, instead of bell hops or convention directors they can enjoy the company of cows and cackling chickens.  The county will provide your team with a shared experience that will reinvigorate them.

Cedar Pond Farms

Cedar Pond Farms has all the necessary amenities that one would find in a convention hall or hotel.  Although, there are some key differences.  Instead of a stuffy packed auditorium there is the Grand White Barn.  The barn boasts of high ceilings and a large open area with doors that open up to the outside views.  Also, within the barn there is a kitchen, changing rooms and of course bathrooms.  So, the whole team can congregate together for introductions or if there happens to be inclement weather.  The barn is just one of the many amenities Cedar Pond Farms has to offer.

For more information please contact us today.  We would be happy to answer any questions or provide booking arrangements for your next event.