It’s that time of the year when houses, trees, and shrubs are adorned with string lights. Whether white or colorful, they add a certain warmth to our homes and our hearts. At Cedar Pond Farms, we love this look so much that we use string lights all year long.


LED versus Incandescent String Lights

One of the biggest holiday debates centers around which string lights are better. Incandescent bulbs are traditional, and it’s hard to mess with traditions around the holidays. Many of us grew up with the “big bulbs” of the 70s, where the bulbs gave off big, bright (and noticeably warm) light. We moved on to smaller, more efficient, string lights and got set in those ways. So when LED string lights came around, most people were put off by those small, cool lights.

However, LED string lights have come a long way in appeal. You can finally find some that look warmer and more traditional (but you will pay a premium). You will also find that they’ve started coming with more lights per foot, to help with the fact that their light doesn’t spread as much as incandescent bulbs. While LED bulbs last longer, most people don’t really care about this with string lighting since it’s a short time frame for usage each year. One of the best benefits is that LED bulbs stay cool. You really don’t have to worry if they’re being placed on potentially flammable surfaces (like that tree you keep forgetting to water). For now, we use LED lights in a few indoor spots and incandescent lights nearly everywhere.

string lights all year long

String lights all year long?

Here at our Knoxville wedding venue, we love lighting of all sorts. While we have everything from indoor recessed lighting to chandeliers hanging in trees, nothing beats string lighting. We use some LED string lights since that have bright, vivid colors and last a long time. However, we also use traditional white (with that warm yellow hint) to get a classic, warm look.

We love the bistro feel of string lights indoors and the firefly feel of string lights outdoors. We have them on the front porch of the Milk Barn, in the ceiling of the Big White Barn, and even on the back deck of the Big White Barn. Anytime we’re outside in the evening, we use string lights. Nothing beats that beautiful glow through the trees or the reflection in the water. It’s just one more nice touch we offer that makes us stand apart from other venues.


string lights all year long            string lights all year long            string lights all year long            string lights all year long