While you may know us as a Knoxville wedding venue, you may not know we actually have lots of wedding venues throughout our property. Today we’d like to introduce you to one our many venues, the Chicken Barn.


The Chicken Barn for Chickens

chicken barnOne part of the Chicken Barn is a functional space for the chickens. There’s a closed off space that used to be the old corn crib. The wide space between boards in the corn crib allows lots of air to flow through. This allowed the corn to dry out back then, and now it allows the chickens to live in comfort. We’ve transformed this area into a chicken pen, giving them a nice breeze and escape from the sun. The laying nests are here, and this is where the chickens go when they’re not roaming. (We mostly let them roam free on the farm, but can put them away during events if desired.) This area is not open to the event area of the Chicken Barn, but it could be used for a unique photo backdrop.


The Chicken Barn for Events

The outside of the Chicken Barn features old world, European-style fan-stamped concrete. This provides a really unique look, almost like a red cobblestone. The inside features a stage (raised about two feet). There’s also enough room to seat 50 people with mulberry maids services. chicken barnWe have a substantial amount of string lighting that fans out to a pole secured in concrete. Behind the stage is an LED red star and there’s also a place for our large chandelier to hang, if desired.

This area could be used for a very small wedding venue or reception, but it’s frequently used for cocktail hour. For couples that want to take photos around the farm after the ceremony, cocktail hour is a wonderful option for your guests. Instead of just having them just hang around waiting for the reception, you can provide light refreshments and even some entertainment. We can set up low, round tables and chairs, or we can put out high-top tables to encourage mingling. Regardless of what you use the space for, you will most assuredly enjoy the rustic chic and comfortable atmosphere of the Chicken Barn.