Introducing Cedar Pond Farms

If you are a bride searching for the perfect wedding venue, you’re likely all too familiar with the seemingly endless struggle of finding a location which will fit all of your guests, reflect your wedding aesthetic, and minimize the hassle of your big day. Luckily for you, however, we stumbled upon Cedar Pond Farms in New Market, Tennessee, and found the perfect spot for you to say “I do.”



Boasting 16 ceremony sites (including a floating dock!), countless photo opportunities, and 31.5 acres of natural beauty, Cedar Pond Farms is the venue East Tennessee has been waiting for. Whether you’re dreaming of a nautical-themed pondfront wedding, a beachy setting, or a wooded nook for your ceremony, this venue has the perfect site for you. What’s more, the advantages don’t end at the strictly visual aspects of the location; included in your venue rental package are up to 400 white folding chairs, as well as tables and white linens, which will dramatically lighten the load your wedding budget has doubtlessly placed upon your shoulders.


Simply put, the aim of Cedar Pond Farms is to provide an elegant feel while maintaining its deeply Southern roots, not the least of which places hospitality as its number-one priority. Offering the option to add valet parking, rentable fire pits to warm your guests, and an outdoor pavilion complete with a gas grill, freshwater sink, and an extra bathroom, this venue prizes your comfort above all else. A top-of-the-line PA system with speakers is installed throughout the property, a perfect opportunity to party down if you have your wedding day playlist loaded on your smartphone!


Further speaking to the Farm’s emphasis on hospitality is its optional overnight add-on, an advantage which greatly reduces the stress of your wedding-day morning. For an added fee, you have the option to stay at the venue the night before. While the boys typically stay in the Fish House, a cozy structure with an LED fireplace and a flat-screen TV that sleeps up to three people, the ladies get a true luxury treatment in the Milk Barn. A gorgeous, open house which sleeps up to twelve people, the Milk Barn offers a full kitchen, two ready rooms with multiple makeup stations, LED fireplaces, flat-screen TVs, a balcony, and outlets retrofitted with two USB ports each in order to ensure that each guests feels as pampered and luxe as possible.


Cedar Pond Farms is not content to ride solely on what they already offer, however; they are currently constructing a soaring structure, lovingly termed the Big Barn, which, upon completion, will seat up to three-hundred guests in a perfectly climate-controlled setting with two bathrooms, two changing rooms, a kitchen, and vaulted ceilings sporting hanging drapery over LED lights which can be programmed to shine in your choice of color.





We could go on and on about Cedar Pond Farms, but why not experience it yourself? Visit their website at and schedule a venue tour; once you see it, we guarantee you’ll insist on saying your vows then and there.