Last time I talked about how the Bridal Walk departs from the Rose House, so I thought you might like to know more about this secluded little spot. The Rose House is actually a lovely pergola featuring lattice work and climbing roses. This area provides shade and a wealth of photo opportunities. The little bench provides a place to sit, if you want to embrace the moment before walking down the aisle. Although this spot is just one of many points on the farm, it readily points to the rugged chic that often accompanies our farm weddings. The white lattice shines against the grass and ferns. The natural green of the copper pipes pops out against the red and gray brick. And the roses bring even more beauty to this beautiful spot. Many brides choose this spot in their pre-wedding photo session. This 90 minute session on the farm is great for everything from casual photos to wedding attire pictures. On the big day, this spot provides a beautiful moment to catch your breath, and a stunning place for your photographer to catch those moments. You can even pick roses from the property to use in these photos or elsewhere for the wedding. One additional benefit of this spot is that you can easily sync the music for your arrival. The Bridal Walk from the Rose House to the Main Stage is about two and a half minutes, so it’s the perfect time for one song before you arrive. Your photographer can call down with a signal to start the music when you’re ready to leave the Rose House.

Embrace the Moment

  The country charm will make for a stunning backdrop no matter when you take photos. If you take the time before or after the ceremony to sit and reflect in the Rose House, it will be a moment to remember. Here’s to your happily ever after!