You’ve planned and booked and stressed over all the details for months, and now the big day is here. After hair, makeup, and personal moments with your close loved ones, it’s time to take the bridal walk. Whether you’re walking with your dad or some other special person, this is a moment you will never forget. That’s why we’ve created a very special path for this very purpose.

From the Rose House to the Main Stage

For couples that choose a wedding at our main stage (the most popular spot on the farm for outdoor weddings), our bridal walk path provide the perfect entrance to the ceremony. The stone path starts at the Rose House, where your photographer can snap a few beautiful, natural shots. The photographer or wedding planner will also signal your bridal party music to start. This walk is about two and a half minutes away–giving the perfect time for your bridal party’s song and walk before your arrival. The stone path allows you to walk safely in heels, so you can still have fashion with an outdoor wedding.

As you depart from the Rose House, the stone path meanders near the pavilion, past the wooded swing, and out to the main stage. Since the path isn’t a straight line, your guests won’t see you until you’re right there. Like most areas at our Knoxville wedding venue, the path and the stage have lots of natural greenery. Roses and wild flowers fill the farm during much of the year too.

Once the bridal walk arrives at the main stage, your moment has arrived. Try to take in every detail–from the smiles of your loved ones to the sounds of nature surrounding you. We know that every second will be wonderful (and worth all the months of planning). Here’s to your happily ever after!