While Cedar Pond Farms isn’t your traditional (working) farm, it definitely has some clever throwbacks to its origins. Papaw’s Porch is one of these classic spots, enjoyed by both young and old, and utilized during all types of farm events.

Papaw's Porch


The two rustic, white rocking chairs invite you to take a load off any time of the day. Whether you’re sipping coffee to the birds’ morning song or reflecting on the day during sunset over the pond, this tranquil spot will relax your soul. During a rainstorm, you can still enjoy a piece of the outdoors thanks to the overhead covering. Even sunset doesn’t have to mean an end to the day; we have a white LED star and red lanterns to light up the night.

During wedding receptions, this spot is often used as a selfie station. The lush ferns and grand American flag add to the character for a classic photo. For something a little more playful, you can set up our small 2 x 4 folding table or wooden crate with your props (like picture frames, mustaches on sticks, sunglasses, and hats).

This spot is not only fun, it’s also functional! There’s power to the porch, so you can plug in your cellphone, set up some tunes, or even add your own fun lights. We also have an oblong bucket filled with sand, which is a great place to put out those congratulatory cigars. Alternatively, use the bucket to extinguish sparklers, which add a lot of pizzazz to photos. (These items are all allowed outside as long as there’s no fire danger in especially dry months of the year.)


Sit for a Spell on Papaw’s Porch

Would you like to visit Papaw’s porch in person? Whether you’re searching for a nearby Knoxville wedding venue, a location for a group event, or an overnight getaway, you can take a free tour of the farm and get to know all the unique spots on the property. While we have a tour every week, you can request a special tour (or request additional information) here. Hope to see you around the farm!