As you prepare to start a life with another person, it’s extremely helpful to understand your own personality traits. Knowing your strengths (and weaknesses) can help you work towards a peaceful life together, which will make you both feel the happily ever after. When preparing for your wedding, it’s especially helpful to recognize your predominant traits. It’s okay if you identify with several of these types of brides; variety is the spice of life (and weddings)!


Down-to-Earth Bride

This woman likes to keep it real and make practical choices. Simplicity is often the driving force, with a natural and beautiful wedding that embraces less-is-more mentality. She is more interested in using natural beauty, from the venue to the gown to the decor. Popular venues include beaches, gardens, farms, mountains, and other natural locations.

High Maintenance Bride

This woman has a distinct vision for her wedding, and everyone better get on board. This is the bride that sometimes goes a little too far and becomes known as “bridezilla.” This bride often has worry for a partner, being tough on those around her to make sure everything goes right. Popular venues include churches, castles, and possibly unique locations (as long as they have a proven track record with amazing weddings).

Traditional Bride

This woman values tradition and often goes for a formal church wedding. She is sentimental, and wants this moment to be special for everyone in attendance. This wedding has been planned (mentally) since she was a little girl. Often this bride falls into the princess realm, creating a happily ever after on a magnificent scale.

Laid-back Bride

This woman is carefree and cannot be rushed, often to the point of procrastination. If anyone ever needed a wedding planner, this is the person. She might be the most difficult to please, of all the bride types, because she has a picture of what she wants but doesn’t necessarily communicate it well (or timely enough to get it done). Of course, some brides in this category truly are happy to just go with the flow and be happy with however it turns out. Popular venues include anything that isn’t already booked.

Modern Bride

This woman embraces the freedoms of the 21st century female; she is independent and strong. She isn’t afraid to break rules, and chooses wedding plans based on her personal desires. Her gown might be traditional and white or completely unlike a wedding gown in style and color. Popular venues range from a trendy city location to a destination wedding (or an elopement).

Frugal Bride

This woman knows how to DIY most anything, and wedding plans are based on costs. Pinterest is her best friend and she will balk at any large purchase. She knows how to network to get things at a discount, and she isn’t afraid to call on her family and friends to help out. Popular venues are those that are inexpensive and don’t require contracts with vendors.


While there are probably many other types of brides, there is one common possibility. Cedar Pond Farms is the Knoxville wedding venue that could be the right venue for just about any of these brides. We don’t have a church on the property (yet?), but we can accommodate just about any other desire. We don’t require you to use specific vendors, we have indoor space available, and we have more outdoor options than you can imagine. Wherever you choose to have your wedding, we hope it makes your dreams come true!