While each snapshot from your wedding is special, there’s nothing quite like outdoor wedding photos. Nature is filled with beautiful colors, no matter the season. All photos, professional and personal, will be more beautiful thanks to natural lighting.


Outdoor wedding photos in winter?  You may think no way, but you should consider some outdoor photos even if you hold the ceremony and reception indoors.  From the color in your face to the color in your clothing, it will all pop against the often-drab look of the outdoors. You can bring in a classic, natural arrangement including holly or poinsettias.  If you want to embrace your creative side, grab some fun photos featuring furry coats and warm boots.


In spring, you have all the little peeps of color from pale blue skies to new greenery to pastel emerging flowers like the cherry blossoms. But I know what you’re thinking–it’s often the wettest time of year!  The weather in East Tennessee actually works in your favor though, since we rarely have afternoon or evening rain. If it’s going to rain, it’s happens in the morning most of the time.  (And if you’re really worried, we’ve got options for adding on tent rentals.)


Summer is known as wedding season for a reason; the world is alive with lush greenery and beautiful colors. Whether you capture a picture surrounded by sunflowers or embrace the magic of fireflies, your photos will be stunning.


In fall, the amazingly deep blue skies are a perfect backdrop to the earthy tones of changing plants and trees. Your outdoor wedding photos can be natural with greenery and woody backgrounds, or pop with colorful goldenrod and amazingly diverse leaves.  An evening wedding reception at Cedar Pond Farms can benefit from our fire-pit; there’s nothing like an outdoor wedding photo featuring the flickering fire light.
Since your wedding photos only represent a portion of your budget, you might be happy to know that you can actually save money by holding your event outdoors. You’ll save on venue fees by having your ceremony and reception at one place (instead of paying two venue fees). If you’re paying the photographer by the hour, you’ll save time by not traveling from one place to another. Decorations can also be much cheaper, if you embrace the natural decor of your location.  At Cedar Pond Farms, you’re even allowed to cut flowers right off the farm for your wedding decor!