Keep Your Cool during an Outdoor Summer Wedding

Five Sizzling Tips


Over 30% of weddings take place in the summer months of June, July, and August.  While this time of year is certainly filled with blue skies and beautiful blooms, it’s also filled with hot temperatures and pesky bugs.  Summer weddings often include a large portion of time outdoors, so you really need to plan for the elements in a variety of ways.  Check out these tips on making your outdoor summer wedding completely perfect.


  • Location:  While you might envision the perfect ceremony out in the stunning sunlight, you might want to consider some alternatives.  It’s hard to imagine just how hot everyone will be while standing in direct sunlight for 30 minutes or more.  Even on a comfortable day, just standing in the sun will make you feel really hot, really fast.  Add heavy clothing and makeup, plus the chance for sizzling hot summer temperatures, and everyone may be miserable during the ceremony.  (That’s probably the last thing you want for your perfect day!)  This doesn’t mean you have to bring the ceremony inside, but you may want to consider a shady spot instead (like under the big oak tree at Cedar Pond Farms).


  • Cool Favors:  Regardless of how sunny or shady the ceremony spot is, you’ll still want to plan on providing heat relief for your guests.  While you can provide the obvious fans and misters, this is also a great place to be creative with guest favors.  You can personalize just about anything, including small sunscreen bottles, hand-held battery-operated fans, and water bottles.  There’s also a plethora of ideas for incorporating your program into a hand fan for guests.  You could even go so far as to provide parasols that match your wedding colors—it will make for great pictures too!


  • Taking Cover:   A good way to handle the heat is to have an indoor reception after an outdoor ceremony (or an indoor ceremony if the reception will be entirely outdoors).  One way to compromise on the indoor reception is to have food and a small amount of seating indoors, with most of the seating and activities outside.  Don’t forget about event canopies as an indoor option—they’re available in a variety of sizes and some even include small air conditioners!


  • Clothing:  Consider lighter clothing (material and color) for the bride, groom, and wedding party.  Don’t just stop at the obvious here—strapless and/or shorter dresses for the women.  The men need some real consideration as they typically have fewer options in both style and fabric.  One big benefit of an outdoor wedding is the chance to be a little more laid back.  Don’t be afraid to ditch the tux!  The men can look surprisingly dapper in a suit or even khakis with a dress shirt (and they’ll really love you if they get to wear nice sandals).  Also, don’t forget about your guests; please indicate on the invitation that attire is semi-casual, or note that the wedding will be outdoors.


  • Food & Drink:  I can’t say it enough…you must have plenty of (non-alcoholic) drinks, especially water.  The last thing you want is for someone to feel ill because of dehydration (including the wedding party).  This another great place for creativity; you don’t have to just stick with fruit-flavored water or other typical drinks.  You could have fruit slushes or even bring in a snow cone machine.  If you’re serving alcohol, you might want to include a frozen drink on the menu.  Don’t just keep the drinks cool, also tone down the heaviness of typical wedding food.  Serve some of your favorite flavors of summer like grilled vegetables, chilled fruit, and fresh salads.  Or, go all in with the farm-to-table idea and highlight foods that are in season in your area.  No matter what you serve, don’t forget to have everything kept at the right temperature and replaced often find more here.  If all of your food will be served outdoors, make sure that flower arrangements aren’t too close to the food (so you don’t draw bees).  You also want to keep those beautiful cakes cooled until just before you cut them.


Hopefully this arsenal of information helps you confidently begin planning for your perfect outdoor summer wedding.  Don’t forget that this is a great wedding season for stepping outside the mold and being original.  If you celebrate your day at Cedar Pond Farms, you can offer plenty of unique experiences—from fishing to taking the first plunge at the pond.   No matter where you are and no matter what your theme, here’s wishing you a happily ever after.