We are glad to meet with you and do a free farm tour or just send you more details.

We have schedule tours as you need. Please let us know when works for you. The farm is large and it takes about one hour to see all our buildings and walk the grounds. Feel free to bring family as we have a golf cart for up to 4 adults.

  • The name of the person responsible for the the farm rental.
  • Tell us the length of time you need on the farm, including setup.
  • Note the total people on the property for your rental. We recommend that you stay on the high side for this number as you want to make sure you we have enough chairs and tables set up.
  • * This budget is for everything related to your real estate rental costs. We only rent the farm and building, just like any property the chairs, tables, linens, and buildings are included. We do not provide any business services. You need to keep in mind that we do not require you to use a specific caterer or photographer but that you will need to keep that amount in mind for your overall budget. Alcohol is allowed with no fee but a licensed and insured bartender is required. - Please note we offer an overnight option for up to 14 persons on the farm.
  • Give us any additional details or ask any specific questions here. If you have colors or maybe a type of event in mind, ie. formal, casual, country etc. Think about special needs like handicap accessibility, entertainment ideas, etc. As a note, we do offer a golf cart for transporting handicapped or elderly with a driver over 21.
  • Please make sure to text me if you have questions.
    Choose as many as you like. Please note that we offer tours at your convenience. This is a great time to learn the most about the farm.
  • Tell us what date works best for you.
  • :
    Tell us what time works best for you.

Situated on 31 rolling acres in the East Tennessee countryside, between Knoxville and Morristown, our farm offers a gentle retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Kick off your shoes, stroll along the banks of our tranquil valley pond, and relax on one of our old-fashioned swings as the wind whistles through the cedars. Cedar Pond Farms will turn all of your events into memories that will last a lifetime. Celebrate any of life’s milestones with the country charm that can only be found at Cedar Pond Farms. From the elegantly appointed Milk Barn to the large barn that holds 400 people, we have facilities for a wide variety of events and activities. When it’s time to reconnect with relatives or gather with friends and colleagues, Cedar Pond Farms offers a heartwarming backdrop in the heart of New Market, Tennessee. We offer real estate rental of our farm and buildings only.  We do not provide any business services. 



Address: 1369 Collins Road,
New Market, Tennessee, United States
Email: shawn@cedarpondfarms.com

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